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Monday, 8 April 2013

Book Review: Speaking from Amongst the Bones by Alan Bradley

Speaking from Amongst the Bones by Alan Bradley
Doubleday Canada
Published: January 29, 2013
Kindle Ebook
Advanced Reading Copy (ARC)  Thanks to Netgalley
Genre: Murder Mystery ( takes place in 1950, so it's sort of Historical!)
Rating 4 out of 5

Flavia de Luce, a new breed of detective heroine: she’s a pigtailed eleven-year-old with a penchant for poison, ...

Great literary crime detectives aren’t always born; they’re sometimes discovered, blindfolded, and tied up in a dark closet by their nasty older sisters. Flavia’s bitter home life and vicious sibling rivalry inspire her solitary diversions and "strange talents" - whether it’s concocting poisons in the laboratory of their inherited Victorian house, plotting vengeance on Ophelia (17) and Daphne (13), or delving into the forbidden past of her taciturn, widowed father, Colonel de Luce. ..

Previous books in this Flavia De Luce Murder Mystery series are:
Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie
The Weeds that String the Hangman's Bag
A Red Herring Without Mustard
I Am Half-Sick of Shadows

In the fifth book of the New York Times bestselling series, featuring Flavia de Luce, Alan Bradley pens his most chilling mystery yet, and introduces a new character into the mix whose actions will have lasting consequences on Bishop's Lacey, the de Luce family, and especially Flavia herself.
When the tomb of St. Tancred is opened at the village church in Bishop's Lacey, its shocking contents lead to another case for Flavia de Luce. Greed, pride, and murder result in old secrets coming to light—along with a forgotten flower that hasn't been seen for half a thousand years.

I had the great opportunity to read an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) of the latest book in the Flavia de Luce series "Speaking from Amongst the Bones" and let me tell you, this is the best of the best, Flavia book Yet!!  There is more excitement in store for the whole de Luce family! While the family are going through the turmoil of possibly losing their ancestral home due to financial problems, Flavia again stumbles across a murder! 

 There are all the usual characters in this book as well, we are introduced to some new faces.  But, there is also, some surprises as Flavia follows the clues to the murder.  

The ending is a surprising Cliff Hanger, that is very exciting as well as intriguing.  I really enjoyed reading this book and was saddened, when the book came to an end..I don't think I have enjoyed a series so much as I have this one.  I look forward to finding out more about Flavia and the whole de Luce family, and I am on pins and needles waiting for the next instalment.  

Alan Bradley is a fine writer with the expertise and creativity, to write a book as a precocious 11 year old girl in the early 1950's, that is so believable, interesting and absorbing as well as full of suspense and whimsy, the reader will have a hard time putting this book down...roll on the next book in the series. 

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