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I have always been an avid reader and history has always been a passion of mine. I am a huge historical fiction fan, who also enjoys reading gothic tales with chills and thrills, mystery and suspense and who loves stepping back in time..... A quote I once read stated: I don't live in the past..the past lives in me!.. Perhaps that's why I am a Family History/Genealogy Addict too!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Book I am currently reading as of April 2014

Spiral: Book One of the Spiral in Time [Kindle Edition].           

By. Judith Schara

Spiral, a new historical time travel novel, begins a tale of genetic destiny . . .

England 2006. A clandestine Druid burial blasts a deep hole into the heart of an ancient hillfort revealing a rare Celtic scabbard. Desperate to save her failing career, archaeologist Germaine O’Neill rushes to be first to excavate and unearths the burial chamber of a Celtic queen, when the site suddenly collapses, almost killing her. In a coma, Germaine is catapulted back in time to the 5th century BC, where she lives the life of Sabrann ap Durot, the woman whose burial chamber she excavated—and Germaine’s ancestor.

Marked by a prophetic spiral tattoo on her face, many fear Sabrann ap Durot, a clairvoyant Druid. When enemies order her death, she is relentlessly hunted by assassins, even after she escapes to the fabled pagan city of Carthage.

But instead of finding safety, Sabrann’s life is in even more danger at the hands of ruthless explorers, corrupt priests, and vengeful queens, who sentence her to death by sacrificial fire. As Sabrann’s fate hangs in the balance, hope lies in the power of time and magic to transform her destiny and that of her descendant, Germaine O’Neill, far off in the distant future. 

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