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Saturday, 23 March 2013

French-Canadian Ancestry

My sister Lesley's husband, Marc Beaulne is French-Canadian, and when I helped him with his Genealogy, I found a very interesting Historical Story about his 7th Great Grand parents Jean Beaune Dit Lafranchaise and Marie Madeleine Bougery.

Their story would make an interesting Historical Novel, Hmm....

I was most amazed at his ancestor Marie Madeleine Bougery story....
Marie Madeleine Bougery was kidnapped by the Iroquois at age eight in 1660.  In 1660, Marie-Madeleine Bourgery, (daughter of Jean-Baptiste and Marie Legendre Bourgery) age eight, and Anne Baillargeon, age nine, were abducted by marauding Iroquois. After being assigned to [native] families where they became full members, both girls seem to have fully assimilated the customs of their adoptive parents. In 1666, the Marquis de Tracy [of the Carignan-Salières Regiment] and his emissaries obtained the release of the beautiful girls, Anne and Marie. On May 28, 1666, the Marquis de Tracy committed the two girls to a convent called the Ursulines of Quebec.

A year later, Marie Madeleine Bougery, married Jean Beaune  Dit Lafranchaise one of the soldiers sent from France by King Louis XIV to assist the colony in New France from the marauding Iroquois Indians.   

Jean Beaune Dit* Lafranchaise story....   

Jean was a soldier in the La Varenne Company of the Carignan Regiment who arrives in Canada on September 12th, 1665 on board ship the Saint-Sebastien.  

* The term "dit" is the equivalent of "also known as" (a.k.a.) in English.These were the nicknames, or nickname or nom de guerre, given to the recruits at the time of hazing and were the only names used officially for soldiers while in the army. Only the officers down to enspassade level kept their real names. This is still practiced in the Foreign Legion of France.

In 1665 , Louis XIV agreed to assist in the colony and sent 1,300 soldiers of Carignan-Salt (commanded by the Marquis Henry de Chastelard of Salt ) to fight the Iroquois, who kill and plunder the settlers in New France . Two military expeditions are also conducted in Iroquois by the regiment. In 1666 , the Iroquois were defeated. Peace is completely restored in 1667 . 
Once their mission was accomplished, the king offers to the French soldiers to settle in New France and granted them land along the  St. Lawrence river.  
About 400 of them agree to stay and become new settlers.  Most of them were single and of marriageable age.   Many of the soldiers married girls who were one of the Brides of France.  The Brides of France were also called The King's Daughters (French: filles du roi; filles du roy)  , young women sent by the King of France, Louis XIV , and endowed by him to be married to the new French settlers.

On September 20, 1665,  Jean Beaune received the scapular of Mount Caramel in Quebec. Thereafter He was confirmed June 2, 1666 in Sorel. 

Jean Beaune did not choice to marry one of the Brides of France sent by The King of France, instead he married the beautiful Marie-Madeleine Bourgery on August 22, 1667 in Notre-Dame-de-Québec, Canada, the daughter of Jean-Baptiste Bourgery and Marie Gendre.   Saurel Peter Squire and Roger Bonneau, captain of the company were present at Varennes during the marriage.

Jean and Madeleine Beaune had a happy married the result being at least 9 children.

After Jean Beaune passed away on the 24 January 1687 in Lachine, Québec.  Madeleine at the time was only 25 years old with 9 children to support.
Madeleine remarried.  She and her new husband Jacque Duhamel  Chasle married in December 1689 and had at least 3 more children.  It's possible that she married a third time too and had more children with her third husband.

Marie Madeleine died 18 Feb 1741 age 89 in Pointe-Claire Quebec (Now considered part of Montreal).


  1. I love this post. I've always been very interested in the history of the French settlers, being French myself. I can only begin to imagine the hard life they had to lead, back then, breaking in the wilderness of Canada.

    What an incredible women this Madeleine was, having so many children at such a young age, and then still living to be 89 years old.
    Reminds me of my own grandmama.

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. M M Bourgery is my 8th great grandmother. She is also Hilary Clinton's 8th great grandmother as well. That makes us related....

  3. She is my ninth great grandmother!! A wonderful story for sure.