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Friday, 12 April 2013

Helen Hollick - Celebrates 20 years since her first novel was Published

Congratulations and Happy Birthday!
Helen Hollick

Helen Hollick is a British author of historical fiction. She is the author of the Arthurian trilogy Pendragon's Banner, and the novels Harold the King and A Hollow Crown.  Helen's latest series is called the Sea Witch series.

20 years ago, in April 1993, Helen published her first novel. The Kingmaking.

Since then, Helen has gone on to write many other successful books, including two others in her Pendragon Series, Pendragon's Banner and Shadow of the King, and she has proven time and time again, that she has the skill, the talent and the intelligence to match any best selling fiction author out there.

I have been a huge fan of Helen's books for a few years now.
I was introduced to Helen Hollick in a review of her book Harold the King, in a British historical magazine I was reading.  I had always had a fascination about 1066 and King Harold (previously know as Earl Harold Godwineson of Wessex), since I was a child at school in England.
I knew I had to read this book.  Unfortunately, Harold the King was not available in Canada and I could not find anything by Helen Hollick at the time.
Then one day, I discovered the book, I Am The Chosen King, as soon I realized that this was written by the author Helen Hollick, I was really excited to find a book by her.  What a surprise when I read the synopsis and discovered this was indeed the same book as Harold the King but with a US title!  I purchased the book right away and devoured it.  It was everything I was hoping for and more.  After that I read the sequel, The Forever Queen.  It was wonderful and I knew I had found another favourite author.

The next series of books I read by Helen, were called The Sea Witch series.  They are about a Pirate called, Jesamiah Acorne and the women who had enchanted him, Tiola Oldstagh, a healer, midwife and a white witch.  These atmospheric books have everything a book lover could want in a story: Pirates, Adventure, a little Romance, History, Suspense and much, much more.  

This series is magical and is appealing to both sexes.  So much fun to read and highly entertaining.

It is quite obvious reading these books, that Helen has done a lot of incredible research.  Helen's extraordinary skill in storytelling, evokes strong imagery.  It felt so real. I was riding the waves, smelling the sea, swashbuckling, crossing the seas, and having an adventure, along with the most amazing characters.  You can tell that Helen loves her characters as they come to life on the pages. They are real to her and they are real to the reader.
I am so thankful, that I discovered the author Helen Hollick and hope to be reading her books for another 20 years!


  1. Harold the King is my favourite book by Helen! Should be at the top of any TBR pile

  2. Congratulations Helen Hollick may your Books be just as exciting the next 20 years.

  3. Goodness, thank you so much for this "accolade" Gollygilly - what a lovely surprise for my birthday! (which is today!) I'm flattered and honoured - thank you!