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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Pamela Hartshorne a new favourite author to add to my list

Times Echo by Pamela Hartshorne

When I first read this book I had never actually heard of Pamela Hartshorne. But as it was recommended by a friend who like me,  love books that are Historical Fiction with a Time Slip element,  I was willing to give it a go.  In particularly, as the story takes place in York, where I was actually going to visit on holiday.

The story is about Grace Trewe the main protagonist from the 21 century who moves to York in order to sort out her Godmother's things after her sudden death.  Grace had recently survive a tsunami in Indonesiana and was hoping with the sale of her godmothers house, she would have the finances to travel and enjoy living!...but once Grace started sleeping in the house, she was bothered by nightmares and then while waking around York she felt herself drifting in and out of 16th Century York.  Streets would change in front of her and she thought she was suffering from stress, but this was no to be the case...500 years before a women named Hawise, who's own life starts to take Graces over, died a  horrible death during a time of witch trials and death to women who were accused of Witchcraft.  Even the house is magical!

Time Echo's  is a brilliant "Gothic" Historical Fiction with the right mix of fascinating history to make the reader feel as if they are living in the past at times, as well as a contemporary suspenseful, and mystical fiction, that is downright entertaining and thrilling to read.  At times it is somewhat errie,  yet you are drawn into the story and can not pull yourself away.  This book is a haunting mystery with lots of suspense and at times quite creepy yet totally interesting and absorbing. I found that I couldn't put the book down even though at times I had a feeling of unease and spookiness! ...I will never look at "rotting apples" without a chill run down my spin!..

 I also like to mention that the historical part of the book was so real, I felt as if I was actually living in 16 century York.  When I finally visited York myself, I could see how it was during the Middle Ages and was hoping I too, would have a time slip moment, alas, this was not to be.  But York in the 21 century still maintains a 16 century feel.

The Memory of Midnight

Like Time’s Echo, The Memory of Midnight is a Historical time slip which is set in present day and Elizabethan York.  It’s the story of Tess, who returns from London with her small son, Oscar, in an attempt to escape from her controlling and manipulative husband.  Living with her mother again isn’t a success, so Tess is delighted when she has the chance to move into a flat in Stonegate, one of York’s oldest streets.

But the flat that seemed so welcoming when she first saw it holds a terrible secret.  More than four hundred years earlier, Nell was mistress of the house in Stonegate, and as Tess is increasingly drawn into her life, she finds herself sharing Nell’s joys, fears and tragedies.

For a historian like Tess, the idea that she might be reliving the past is an impossible one, but the vividness of her experience is hard to deny.  Is she really slipping through time?  Or is she having a breakdown?  With a husband intent on tracking her down and threatening to claim custody of Oscar, both options are equally frightening.  Stalked by danger in the past and the present, Tess has to find the strength to confront her own demons, as well as Nell’s.

Sometimes the past refuses to let go …


  1. I recently discovered Pamela Hartshorne too. I've read The Edge of Dark and The Memory of Midnight. Just like Time's Echo they are full of suspense, mystery and wonderful descriptions of medieval York.

  2. Yvonne,
    I have now read all of Pamela Harthornes books and they are amazing. Historical fiction with a paranormal twist and some chills and suspense. Fabulous!! I will now purchase this authors books sight unseen, as she has never let me down and now has become one of my top favourite authors. If you enjoy books similar to Pamela's and you are on face book, perhaps you would enjoy joining my book group. You will be introduced to similar authors, other like minded readers and so many book recommendations your TBR pile will grow enormous. Please click on this link if you are interested. https://www.facebook.com/groups/463020810398738/

  3. https://www.facebook.com/groups/463020810398738/
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