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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Susanna Kearsley how she became my favourite Historical Time Slip Author

I still remember the first time I discovered Susanna's first book Mariana.  It was just after Susanna won the Catherine Cookson Award for Mariana.   I remember thinking I love Catherine Cookson Books so I will take a look at this one.  I bought it and instantly fell in love with Susanna Kearsley as a writer.  I thought, she is writing for me.  Her book contains everything I love in a great book, history, paranormal such as a time slip, mystery, suspense, it was a book I could not put down, a book which transported me into another time and place.  I became the protagonist Julie and I found Greywethers.  It was a remarkable book and she reminded me of Daphne Du Maurier and Mary Stewart two other authors I loved.  She also reminded me of Barbara Erskine.  Barbara Erskine wrote similar "TIME-SLIP" Historical Fiction books and who was at the time was my very favourite Historical Time Slip author, (Diana Norman is my "All Time" favourite "Historical Fiction" Writer) that is Time-Slip novels without being overly a Romance novel (where the Romance is the focus of the story as opposed to the mystery,) these books were really hard to find at that time, but I had found Susanna Kearsley and my book shelves screamed with joy!  Susanna has become my number one favourite author and for good reason.  Susanna's books get better and better as each new novel comes out.  Firebird is my favourite of her books, but I am waiting feverishly for her next novel "a Desperate Fortune" to come out next April 7th. 2015.

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