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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Action, Adventure and History to boot, who could ask for more

Jack Whyte is a Scottish-Canadian novelist of historical fiction. Born and raised in Scotland, Whyte has been living in Canada since 1967. He resides in Kelowna, British Columbia. 

Jack's  wonderfully entertaining, adventurous Historical Fiction & Fantasy books are in the following four series:

1)  A Dream of Eagles  (aka The Camulod Chronicles) (Arthurian Series)
The Skystone         
The Singing Sword
The Eagles' Brood        
The Saxon Shore             
The Sorcerer: The Fort at River's Bend (aka The Fort at River's Bend)  
The Sorcerer: Metamorphosis ( aka The Sorcerer)

2) Golden Eagle Series
Clothar the Frank (aka The Lance Thrower)
The Eagle                                       

3) The Templar Trilogy about The Knights Templar
Knights of the Black and White     
Standard of Honor                     
Order in Chaos                                     

4) The Guardians Trilogy,  "Set in the 14th century, features three extraordinary Guardians of medieval Scotland, the three greatest heroes the country ever produced, all of whom were contemporaries and knew one another. They were William Wallace; Robert the Bruce; and Sir James "The Black" Douglas."                       ( Ref. Jack Whyte's Blog)

The Forest Laird                       
Robert the Bruce                       
... 3rd book to come..   


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