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I have always been an avid reader and history has always been a passion of mine. I am a huge historical fiction fan, who also enjoys reading gothic tales with chills and thrills, mystery and suspense and who loves stepping back in time..... A quote I once read stated: I don't live in the past..the past lives in me!.. Perhaps that's why I am a Family History/Genealogy Addict too!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

I have finally started a blog

Today, February 14, 2013 is the first day I start blogging.  I guess I will start by telling you a bit about me and why I started this blog...

I was born many years ago in Windsor, Berkshire, England.  When I was ten, my parents decided to move to Montreal, Quebec, Canada on what was supposed to be a three year stay.  Over 40 odd years later and I am still living in Canada, but I have never forgotten my roots.  I have always been an avid reader and History is my passion!  My true love is British History and I consider myself an "Anglophile."  I am also a Genealogist with an addiction to Family History.  I'm particularly fascinated with Victorian London, especially the East End where my paternal family lived at the time.  I'm also interested in the Plague and why our ancestors (yours as well as mine) survived, when approx. 1/3 of the population did not.  How did our ancestors manage to survive?  My ancestors were poor, hard working people and yet, if it wasn't for their struggle and desire to live, I would not be here today. Have you ever though about your ancestors?  After all, if it wasn't for them, you would not be here today either!
Here is another little tidbit about me:
I belong to Haplogroup K through my DNA (yes. I had it tested!) Time: Emerged approx 16,000 years ago Place: Near EastFacts:  The woman who founded Haplogroup K lived approximately 16,000 years ago and her descendents spread throughout Europe. A large proportion of Ashkenazi Jewish individuals belong to Haplogroup K
The woman who founded the Haplogroup K line is the direct female descendent of female ancestors belonging to Haplogroup U, who in turn are descendents of Haplogroup R. Haplogroup R is Near/Middle Eastern and Caucasus in origin.
Famous members of Haplogroup K Otzi the Iceman (a frozen mummy discovered on the Austrian-Italian border; lived in 3300 BC) was proven to be a descendent of haplogroup K. Cheddar Man (remains were found in Cheddar Gorge in Somerset England) was proven to be a descendent of haplogroup K.
I have always been a voracious book lover who discovered the joy of books at a very young age.
My parents were book lovers who enjoyed sharing their passion for reading with both my sister, Lesley and me.  Books were special they were my escape to imaginary places, they took me on adventures, they gave me chills, thrills and laughter.

I currently work in a Book Store, where I enjoy conversing with customers, recommending books and receiving positive feedback from the recommendations I have given.  I love sharing my joy of reading especially in History or historical fiction.  Because of this, I decided to have a blog where I can share my love of books and history with others.

I'm by no means a professional in the field, just an enthusiastic amateur on the subject of books and history.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog.


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