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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Books VS Ereaders

Books verse EBooks.                    

I love Ebooks!   Yes, I have to be honest, for the convenience, I prefer the ebooks. (Did I really say this, out loud?)   I still love to have non-fiction books, such History, Genealogy and Reference books in Paper format and I also like to keep my favourite authors novels in Trade Paper format or in Hardback,  but I do admit, I have the same novels on my ereader, just in case I want to re-read them on my travels.  The rest of my books, I now read only on my ereaders (I have both the KOBO and the KINDLE). Carrying both these ereaders with me all the time, weights less than one book, and I can not be without a book!

As of right now,  I currently have 479 books on my Kindle a number of which I have already read.  I also have 226 books on my KOBO, again, some I have already read. That is a total of 705 books I am carry with me at any given moment, the weight of which is less than one paper book!
if anything happens to my readers, I also have my IPad for back up.  As well, all my books are stored with both Amazon.com and Kobo.com.   Also, don't forget the room on my shelves.  I just wouldn't have room for another 50 or so books let alone 705!!!

Some people have said to me, ".. but you can not share your books"...  Well, I never really did,  as I am very possessive and a little obsessive of my books.  I do have one or two copies of books I like,  that I lend out to friends, but at the same time I keep a pristine copy of the same book on my shelves that I never lend out.

I call my ereader my Book Tardis as it looks so small, but holds hundreds of fabulous books to read at any given moment.           

Anyway, I love books no matter the form.  As long as authors keep writing, I will keep reading.  Just God forbid, I loose my eye sight..but hey, there is always Audio books I guess!

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